Can I place a pre-order on the same order with in stock items?
Yes.  However, your order will be delayed until the entire order becomes available.  All items purchased together will be shipped together.
Can I cancel a pre-order?
Pre-orders may only be cancelled within 7 days after the order is placed.
Why was my pre-order cancelled?
Pre-orders may be cancelled if we do not receive our expected allocation.

How will my order be shipped?

We will ship your order via the U.S.P.S from Sacramento, CA.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Most orders ship within 2 business days. We reserve the right to request signature delivery on any order.
Will I receive a tracking number/confirmation for my shipment?

A tracking number will be emailed to you once your order ships.

Can I return or exchange my order?
No. Returns or exchanges will only be accepted if you receive the wrong item.